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    Aircraft Wheel Chocks, Ramps and Vehicles Bumpers.

    Aircraft Wheel Chocks

    Aircraft Wheel Chocks

    Hose Ramp



    Aircraft Wheel Chock Products

    Aircraft Wheel Chocks – See the products page

    A range of chocks for all sizes of aircraft ranging from Cessna to Boeing 747.

    Military aircraft chocks of all sizes and specifications.

    Wheel Chocks for Baggage Handling Trailors

    Wheel Chocks for all types of airport and airfield vehicles ranging from buses to light vehicles,
    aircraft refuelling bowzers.

    Refuelling Hose Ramps

    High specification hose ramps in all sizes offer perfect protection for traffic manouvers around refuelling

    Fire Fighters Hose Ramps

    Fire fighting hose ramps and crossover ramps one wheel at a time – 45,000 pound capacity per wheel.
    Stackable space specification.

    Airport Traffic Control Ramps and Barriers

    For general airport vehicle traffic to slow or control vehicles, enforcing speed restrictions. Barriers for the
    protection of equipment, walls, walkways and people. Also used in baggage loading docks and or carousels using
    heavy duty materials with strong fixations and resistant to oil, water and effluent.

    Baggage Dock Bumper Plates

    Dock bumper boards bridge the gap between the trucks and docking buildings allowing for the safe loading of
    trucks and goods. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, or heavy duty steel for the heaviest loads.
    Capacities range from 6,000 to 40,000 lbs.

    Mudflaps for all aircraft and airport vehicles.

    Water Spray is dangerous on most vehicles. To reduce water spray and mud ejection from the wheels of all sorts
    of airport vehicles available in all sizes and specifications.

    Airport and Aircraft Safety Barriers.

    Site safety barriers and traffic control barriers for parking aircraft to construction work in an an airport area.

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